Me, Myself and I

★When★Nothing★Goes★ Right★Go★Left

How does someone with Fibro look like

There was one morning were i felt really bad, had a rough night and not so much hours sleep.

My body told me “girl, that was to much the last days, keep calm” and almost everything hurt. My mood was also bad, i just wanted to stay in bed and don’t move, don’t talk and don’t wanted to see other people.

Then i had the thought, i must look really bad and made some pictures. And what did i saw? I didn’t looked like i felt. The people can’t see my pain, my struggle and my daily battles.

Okay, thats not 100 % the truth. Some people can see it. They say i act different, i’m quieter, they see it in my eyes or how i sit, how i walk.  Thats rare, but they are out there.

I smiled and smirked inside, because i started to make funny pics on snapchat. My mood got better & started to smile. I found the power to start my day and i survived the day.  I managed to make my walks with the dog & a Birthday Dinner from a Friend.

Back Home i felt asleep, but i survived.

Here are the pictures from this morning.

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