Me, Myself and I

★When★Nothing★Goes★ Right★Go★Left


“Dad´s on a hunting trip and hasn´t been home in a few days”

This sentence changed everything.

This was the moment back in 2005 when i got lost, when i got trapped in the Supernatural Fandom.

Dean & Sam Winchester

Supernatural has become a part of my life & will always be a part of my life.

I met so much nice and helpful people in this fandom. We are a supportive bunch of people who are always there for each other. Like Family. That´s why we are the #SPNFamily.

Like Bobby said:

“Family don´t end with blood.”

Some of my diy projects & parts of my home decorations are Supernatural related. Yes, i also have books, cups, funko pops and more merchandise.

I have an amzing edit group, together with my friend Yeya, on amino.

Each week we have a new theme & our group makes edits.

Our Name is: “Men of Letters Weekly” inspired by the boys legacy and our British Men of Letters.

I am proud to be a part of a Supernatural Fansite. I never thought i could do something like that. Especially not in english, because it´s not my mother language.

This is the page:

Here is the link to all of my articles:

Now we have 2019 & in a few days the 15th Season will be aired. I know this will be the last Season.

But we will be #SPNFamily forever.

I will blog about edits, conventions, my articles and more.

Please don´t share and use my pictures/edits without permission. Thanks