Me, Myself and I

★When★Nothing★Goes★ Right★Go★Left


Back in 2011 when i got the Diagnose Fibromyalgia, i was more than happy that my healthy problems now had a name. But after a while i realised, it changed nothing. I still have my pain, i still have to fight to get accepted. You know, that i really have a disease. That i´m not just lazy, and don´t want to work or just want to stay home. 

Sure, i love beeing not able to work, not beeing able to do what i love to do. I love beeing in pain the whole day and time, i love to go to the doctors, i love to try all the new pills, i love all of that. I think you get it. I don´t like it. I´d rather be like i was before all of this. But i can´t. And i have to accept that this is now my life.

I have to live with it, i have to make the best out of it.

I´m always a positive person, and so i try to see all the good parts of it.

You think. What, are you crazy? Whats good at having this disease? 

You find out what you really want, you find out whats good for you and not, and you can start to listen to your body. Yeah, he is talking to you. He wants to tell you whats good for him. But we, also i, never found the time to listen to him. There are a lot of more positive things. Try to find them, and write them on a list. 

I hope that one day the medicine will find a way to help us with our chronical disease so that we can live a normal life. 

You can find more about my life with Fibro in my blogs.