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Fibro & catching a cold

There is one positive thing when you catch a cold and have Fibro. Are you serious? What can be positive about that? 

Listen to me, i’ ll try to explain. 

When you have Fibro you are in constant pain. When you catch a cold you get the typical headache and pain in the limbs. It does not feel extreme different to a typical Fibro day for me. That’s positive for me, because i don’t get more pain on top. 

Okay, you are right. When the cough gets to heavy it hurts more. (but still not like a really bad flare) And the sore throath, the running nose &  constant sneezing is just annoying but not like a really bad flare.

You know, i remember the so called “good old ‘non fibro’ times”. 

When i catched a cold back then i always thought. “holy chuck, i hope i survive this. I can’t do anything.” 

And now i think. “It could be worse. It’s not a bad flare so it’s a okay.”

Sure, i try to sleep more (try ??) and trink a lot of tea, vitamin c and all of that. 

But from the pain scale it’s not so much different then a typical Fibro Day. 

Do you get what i mean? Do you agree? Or do you have a different view? 

Here is an edit what fits perfect for that. The pic is from me, it´s my Dog Scotch. 

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