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Shine a light on Fibro

What i really don´t like about my Fibro:

– The constant pain, i really wished i had a day without it. Even one would be amazing.

– I´m always tired and i mean always. You can´t see it, sometimes it´s hard work just to keep my eyes open and not to jawn all the time. On some days it feels like the autopilot is running. Glad i have my autopilot. 

– That my brain is not working like it did before, yes it makes me so sad and frustrating. I forget so much, even the easy things. Concentration, yeah works fine. NO. I can´t read my books. I´ve my Dan Brown and other books here. I can´t read them like i did before.

– I´m a creative person, but i can´t do all the things in the time and the amount i did before. My hands and more hurts more when i do it. An example: The last time when i peeled potatoes, i almost cried because it hurts so much. Or writing my blog, my fingers and my shoulder hurts. You get what i mean?

– There is so much more. I can´t work (i´m an office worker) means i have less money. Yeah, i can survive with it. But i need help from time to time. Not always a good feeling for me. I learned as a kid “asking for help is begging”. 

– I´ve great doctors, but even they say “Sorry, but we can´t  help you. You already do everything you can.” Having a chronic illnes is not like a broken leg. When you have a broken leg, you know it will get better in some weeks. When you have a chronic illnes, you know exactly “nothing”. Nothing means, you don´t know if or when it will get better or maybe worse.

What helps me:

The best and cutest help ever and my “light” is my Dog Scotch. I had to fight for him, but it was worth it every second & every buck.

Why is he my light. Imagine you are feeling awful, all you want to do is to stay in bed all day. You can´t do that when you have a dog. He needs his walks, and he is so happy and jumps through the fields, is playing with his buddies and more. All i can do than is just smile and it always warms my heart. He makes me happy.

When i cry he is next to me, when i can  pet him i feel better. Sure i´m still sad, but i´m not alone, i can calm down. That´s so important. I love him and he loves me like i´m. No judging, no “why can´t you do that”, not “but you don´t look sick”, no “why can´t we do that now” You know what i mean. He is happy with what i can do. Awww, and

He is the cutest photomodel ever. Sure there are also days when i can´t go on a walk.

That´s the  reconciliation to my Friends. Guess who is going on a walk with my Dog when i can´t?

Right my Friends. I have some who are true friends. It´s okay that i have fibro and they don´t judge me too. They try to understand, they ask and also try to help. Feels really good. They helped me to win the fight for my dog just because they saw how much he helps me.

What also helps (it always helps me, besides my Dog and being creative)

– Try to find people with Fibro. You can exchange your experiences, you can help each other. And it´s always good to have someone to talk to who unterstand what you mean.

– Write it all down in a diary, the moments when you are frustrated, the moments when you are happy, all the pain, just everything. Maybe it helps.

– Go out in the Nature, just breathe the fresh air and enjoy it. “Nature on, World off”

– Listen to your favourite Songs. Make a playlist for the good days and the bad days. Hear it as loud as possible (i don´t want you to get numb). You know “Music on, World off”

– Functional training in the water, i do it once a week. Feels good. Sure it can be painful, but it´s worth it. (paid by my health insurance)

– Physiotherapy – I have my appoinment once a week and on some days i want to kill my therapist because it hurts so much. But also worth it. (paid by my health insurance)

– Psychologist – go to someone and just talk. I have mine and don´t want to miss him. He helped me so much with everything. 

– Watch your favorite TV-Show. Yes i do it, Supernatural, Doctor  Who and Sherlock and i can relax. “Dean, Sam, Cas, The Doctor, Amy, Rory, Sherlock and John On, World Off”

– Do what you love and do it more often.

– And remember to Always keep Fighting (yeah, i love Supernatural)

That´s it for now. What helps you? I really want to know.

PS: These are all pics and edits made by me. Please don´t use them otherwise. Thanks

2 thoughts on “Shine a light on Fibro

  1. I feel so much of this today.
    Today is one of the harder…you know what I mean.
    But it does help when you Know that someone else actually Knows what it is.
    I adore your pup…he just oozes love you can tell.


    1. Sorry to hear that you feel like that, and yes i know what you mean. For me it´s also good to know that i´m not alone with all of this. Gentle hugs and a pawfive from my pup Scotch. <3

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