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Red Bubble & why David was my first Design

I have a account there since 2017, didn´t gave it a try for a long time. I thought i can´t upload my Photos, my work. I thought “who would like to have something from me?!” or “its not good enough”.
Since i can´t work on my daily Job i make some stuff from time to time, if i feel good enough i can work on my edits. If not, i don´t. I´ve no rush on doing it.
The last weeks i uploaded some more new designs and i´m really proud of them.

My important first one was Mr. Arthur Ketch from Supernatural, played by one of the kindest and sweetest, David Haydn-Jones. I asked him if i can use his pics, he said yes.

Can you believe it?!

An Actor answered, and let me use his pics for editing and RedBubble and more. Makes me feel special.
I know that he liked my Design, because a similiar one was an Art Mate Sunday at his Twitter Page.

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