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★When★Nothing★Goes★ Right★Go★Left

Not everything is bad about my disease

Yes, thats right. Not everything is bad, let me tell you why.

I got diagnosed with Fibro back in 2011, i just got the diagnose and nothing happend. No, i did not changed something in my life. Why should i. They told me that i have to life with what i had, and  that they can´t change it. It got worse back in 2015 and some month before i was unable to work i only tried to survive my work and my private life was barely alive.

And then, from one day to another everything changed. The first year at home i struggled with myself and my life. And i still do, because i am not happy with how it is today. I would prefer to have a Job and more money.  But i am someone who always tries to see the good part. Hey, thats what helps me to keep fighting.

But lets talk about the good part in all this.

I meet some amazing people who means alot to me. Some at rehab, some online, some with the same disease and more. We support each other. Thats what´s important, right? 

I was at a Convention, its still unbelivable for me. Before this all happend i always wanted to go to a Supernatural Convention. Damned, i had more money than i have now. But in June 2018 i was there. 3 Days with my Friends and my Supernatural Family. It was totally worth all the healthy problems that i had afterwards. I think i did it, because i wanted to prove myself that i can make it, that i am strong enough to do it, and i wanted to show my Fibro that it can´t restrict me in everything. It felt like a Family Trip with lots of good Moments, and i was proud that i did it. Hell yeah, i was so scared if i could survive the weekend. Haha, but i am a Winchester. I survive everything and we never stop fighting. (i think its obviously that i am a Supernatural Fan)

I started an Supernatural Edit Club, the members post edits, drawings, stories and more related to the Themes every week. Its a long lasting thing, and it feels good to be a Part of it. I also have an amazing Co-Leader. When i am not able to do something, she is there in a second. My lovely friend Yeya. <3

I wrote something about me and the edits i make (of course mostly Supernatural related) for a Fanpage. I also had the chance to write an Article about the convention i was for the same page. Next was an Interview about another amazing Artist in the SPN Family. Unbelivable but true, i finished another Interview and work on the next one. They like my Ideas. I feel more comfortable with what i do.  And i am not a native speaker.
Here is the links where you can find all my articles:

Sometimes i use my reflex camera and make pics. Most of the time from Animals and Nature, but i also used it at the Conventions. I love to make pics.

I also try to learn to draw. Thats also something i wanted to do for a long time. Some friends support me. My Friend Kat suprised me with a Sketch Book, Pencils and more. My Starter Kit. I can´t thank her enough for all her love & support. 

I have my own Dog, yes. He is the best medicine i have in my life. Yes, better than pain meds and all the other  pills we get. I go on a walk with him, i play with him, we cuddle, he is my favorite photo model. When i feel better we go a bigger rounds, when i feel really bad we go a small round. And its okay for him.  He loves me no matter what, and is here. People with Animals know how i feel, i can´t descripe it like i want.

I learned to listen to my Body, a no is a no and not a maybe. I learned to say No, without a bad faith. Okay, somedays nothing of this works. But i work on it every single day of my life.

I also create Jewellery, make Cards and more from time to time. 
You know whats the best on everything i do know, i can do it when i feel good enough to do it. I am not in a hurry do to it on a Special Day from 9 to 5 at work.

Do you know what i mean. I learned to divide my time. There is time to rest, and then there is time to do something, and again time to rest. 

What are the positive sides on your disease? Is there something? I bet there is.

Please don´t share and use my pictures/edits without permission. Thanks

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