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when breathing hurts…

It feels like something hit your chest wall, rib cage, also your back. It hurts when i don´t breathe and it hurts more when i breathe and i have the feeling that i can´t breathe deeply.

I know that this has a name, it´s called Costochondritis. But you know what, just because it has a name, that doesn´t make the situation any better.

Not easy to stay calm and not to get a panic attack, when it get´s really bad.

To avoid this, i always tell myself:

“You get enough fresh air, you can breathe, it´s going to be fine.”

How do i distract myself then?

I hear loud music or draw in my sketchbook, cuddle with my dog Scotch or try stretching. I also use my head rape head pad.

Or i i go on a walk with my dog, with loud music on my headphones.

  • Do you know that feeling?
  • What are you doing in moments like that?
  • What helps you?
  • Do you have any tipps for me?

2 thoughts on “when breathing hurts…

  1. went to my doctor with complaints of what you describe above. I have scoliosis and arthritis throughout. He checked via x-ray for respiratory infection, which is course was negative. I’ve suffered with this for at least 15 years and treated as if it is all my imagination. What validation for me to read of my exact symptoms and place a name to it. I deal by imagining it is “all in my head” as has been conveyed to me. Of course, this method does not help much, lasts for days/weeks at a time, then will ease and happen over and over and over again.

  2. I have read your symptoms I have also suffered with this on two occasions but was told it was possibly pleurisy that hadn’t shown on X-ray .i do wander if this is the condition you have described

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