Me, Myself and I

★When★Nothing★Goes★ Right★Go★Left

when breathing hurts…

It feels like something hit your chest wall, rib cage, also your back. It hurts when i don´t breathe and it hurts more when i breathe and i have the feeling that i can´t breathe deeply.

I know that this has a name, it´s called Costochondritis. But you know what, just because it has a name, that doesn´t make the situation any better.

Not easy to stay calm and not to get a panic attack, when it get´s really bad.

To avoid this, i always tell myself:

“You get enough fresh air, you can breathe, it´s going to be fine.”

How do i distract myself then?

I hear loud music or draw in my sketchbook, cuddle with my dog Scotch or try stretching. I also use my head rape head pad.

Or i i go on a walk with my dog, with loud music on my headphones.

  • Do you know that feeling?
  • What are you doing in moments like that?
  • What helps you?
  • Do you have any tipps for me?

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