Me, Myself and I

★When★Nothing★Goes★ Right★Go★Left

My dog takes care…..

……..of me. <3

To all the people who ask themselves:

“How can someone who has fibro & not go to work take care of a dog?”

The short answer:

“My dog takes care of me.”

The long answer:

– My dog makes me move, he motivates me to get up &  go for a walk even when I don’t feel like it, or everything hurts.

– My dog makes me laugh, he does things that you can’t help but laugh. No matter how you feel. 

– My dog always notices when I am sad & comes to me.  He looks at me & puts his head under my hand and I know its time do cuddle and it helps.

– My dog is patient with me. If we have to go for a walk later, he waits patiently and is happy when we finally go. 

– He loves me for who i am, with all my rough edges. He know that i love him and always will take care of him. We´re besties. <3

– With him i get in contact with other people faster. I love that. 

– The best thing about him is that he is as crazy as I am. 

– I always say to everyone, even my docs: My dog Scotch is the best medicine.

Here’s my dog Scotch.


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