Me, Myself and I

★When★Nothing★Goes★ Right★Go★Left

Dear Jared

Dear Jared,

I know we don’t know each other.

Let me tell you something about me.

I’m cancer, I love long walks at the beach preferably with my pawesome furry friend Scotch. I have a chronic Illness (Fibro) with lots of side effects. I love nature, photography & everything craftsy.

I struggle with my chronic illness for quite a while. Now I want to tell you what helped me.

YOU, yes you. One of the many side effects is depression. You, one of my favorites, openly talked about it. Just this fact helped me more than you might know. Your AKF campaign helped me a lot too.

Yeah, and Misha (this years Gish) made me do an akf tattoo.

So now I’ve the reminder and you always with me.

Also Supernatural helped me. How? My Mantra is and always will be.

“I’m a Winchester, so I fight. That’s what we do.” 

Okay, now I get emotional and have tears in my eyes and I’m not finished with what I want to write.

I’m scared to lose this all after the Supernatural Finale. I’m 100 % sure you are more scared than me, that everything changes.

Never experienced a Fandom / Family like that.

“Everything’s got to end sometime. Otherwise, nothing would ever get started.”

Like your new adventure as Walker, Texas Ranger and so much more.

But let me tell you that, i think our #SPNFamily is forever. ❤ Sorry to say that. You’re stuck with me now.


Someone ones said:

“If you are not afraid of losing something you never loved it.”

All our fears and worries only show how much Supernatural means to us. Am I right?

I love the show & you. My Moose Brother for life Jared. ❤

No I’m not crying, just raindrops in my eyes.

Love, Bettina ❤

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